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Independent Training College is part of the ITS Group, a registered charity which works across the region to raise aspiration through the provision of vocational education, training and Apprenticeships.


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My name is Chelsea Marriott and I am 17 years old. I am a learner of Independent Training College on the Study Programme. The subject I am taking is Maths Functional Skills Level 2. We also spend time on current affairs - which is my favourite! My interests include helping people, cleaning, swimming, beauty and spending time with my boyfriend. I enjoy being around my family and I hope to take more driving lessons to pass.

My school experience was very bad. I had a very bad time in school with bullying and mental health and other things around me. I left school to be home educated which I really enjoyed and I could concentrate without being paranoid; this was a big step for me.  I have had a very bad few years since school. I had no confidence and no motivation.

I heard about Independent Training College through a support worker who introduced me to Louise and Sarah.

I really like and enjoy Independent Training College. It’s very clean, tidy and it is warm and welcoming! The tutors are very friendly and very supportive. We are treated with respect like young adults.

We are treated with respect like young adults.

There are many different benefits I get as a learner from Independent Training College. Firstly, we get a bursary. A weekly income to help pay for travel costs etc. Also breakfast and lunch is provided. Louise and Sarah are the main tutors; both are very good at what they do, helping and supporting everybody’s individual needs.

I am on work placement at Bright Beginnings Day Nursery where I help to comfort, support and entertain the children.

In my placement I have many useful skills including: being able to follow instructions, good communication and listening skills. I do think I’m very mature, responsible and trustworthy. I have good problem solving skills and stay calm and patient in difficult situations which could be essential working with children.

In the near future, I do hope to pass my driving test and have a car on the road which I can pay for myself. I also aim to have a family of up to three children, hopefully with Kurtis. I hope to be successful and live a happy life. I aim to gain confidence and decide fully on a career. I hope to be financially stable and I hope I find a long term career that I will really enjoy.

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